O Outro começa onde nossos sentidos se encontram com o mundo (The Other begins where our senses meet the world) was the name that Maurício Dias (Rio de Janeiro, 1964) and Walter Riedweg (Lucerne, Switzerland, 1955) chose for their 2002 monographic exhibition at the Centro Cultural Blanco do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro. The title was an authentic declaration of principles and a perfect synthesis of the spirit that underlies the work of these two artists. They approach their interventions in the social and personal space of the Other as interactive encounters that invite us to break down prejudices and reconsider our convictions. These working processes arrive at the museum in the form of high-sensory-voltage video-installations.

Dias & Riedweg. Possibly Talking About the Same was the first retrospective exhibition held in Europe on these two artists.

This exhibition provides a broad overview of the careers of Mauricio Dias (Rio de Janeiro, 1964) and Walter Riedweg (Lucerne, 1955) and includes seven installations they did together between 1994 and 2003 –the last one, Voracidad máxima, 2003, produced specially for MACBA-– and a selection of their videos.

Dias and Riedweg have been working together since 1993. Their projects investigate the way in which private psychology affects the public space, with the issue of otherness and perception as
central points. Their work method spans scientific documents and complex dramatisations. It is an interactive process, in the style of a performance, which produces specific exchanges within
a particular social group. Identity and the involvement of the participants play a central part in it, whilst the results of those encounters are crystallised in video installations.

Curator: Roland Groenenboom. Conceived in collaboration with Catherine David
Production: Museu d'Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA)

Comunication sponsored by:
El País
With the collaboration of:
Hotel Axel
With the support of:
Pro Helvetia
Consulado Suiza


29 OCT. 2004 - 09 JAN. 2005 Museum of Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki