Remote Connection was a selection of curated by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana in the context of the exhibition Antagonisms. Case studies.

The selection did not seek to monumentalise, much less to objectualise or fetishise it. Instead, the idea was to set up connections and open up new areas for discussion, confrontation and critical analysis. As well as testifying to the notable increase in the quantity and quality of digital artistic production, all the projects emphasised collective creation processes based on information sharing, action and reaction dynamics, and a commitment to responding to the conflicts of contemporary society.

Some projects required active user participation, others unfolded before the spectators’ eyes regardless of their actions, but all of them were interactive in that they set up a direct, personal and always new relationship with the spectator.
The selected artists and collectives were: Apsolutno, Andy Cox, Francesca da Rimini, Andy Deck, Ricardo Domínguez, Daniel García Andújar, Institute for Applied Autonomy, Wesley Meyer, Antoni Muntadas, Redundant Technology Initiative, Surveillance Camera Players, Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, ®Tmark.

A selection of, by Roberta Bosco and Stefano Caldana on the occasion of:
Antagonisms. Case Studies.

This selection is not based on a need to monumentalise and much less to objectivise it or turn it into a fetish. Its aim is to establish connections and open up a new area for debate, confrontation and critical analysis. As well as testifying to the ever-increasing and improving digital art efforts, all the projects selected reveal processes in which a large number of people have intervened, dealing with the exchange of information, action and reaction, real problems and situations which demand a stance. Their authors do not expect them to be taken as works of art, but want them to become catalysts for artistic expression and public response, to serve as detonators and to point fingers, to make understanding easy and if necessary, confrontation too. R. Bosco / S. Caldana

Daniel García Andújar (Spain) - Apsolutno (Yugoslavia) - Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries (Corea) - Andy Cox (USA) - Francesca da Rimini (Australia) - Andy Deck (USA) - Ricardo Dominguez (USA) - Institute for Applied Autonomy (USA) - Wesley Meyer (USA) - Antoni Muntadas (Spain) - Redundant Technology Initiative (United Kingdom) - ®TMark (USA) - Surveillance Camera Players (USA)