Zenith is a poetic and choreographic event, a physical, auditory and visual exercise that explores the space as a score between sound and movement, between the visual and that which is perceived. Zenith regards time as a fundamental concept, its measurements and applications of oscillations and rhythms. It addresses time through the existing rhythm in everything we do, the rhythm that marks the passage of time and is always present in our surroundings, although we may not realise it until the change has already occurred.

Direction: Guy Nader
Creation and performance: Maria Campos and Guy Nader
Music: Mikel Zudaire, Ilia Mayer
Lighting design: Ana Rovira
Lighting technician: Lidia Ayala
Photography: Anna Arroyo

This activity is part of the seminar Palestine at/without the Museum. Loss, Metaphor and Emancipation.

With the support of: Bipod 2012, Beirut International Platform of Dance and Maqamat Dance Theatre, La Caldera – Centre de creació de dansa i arts escèniques contemporànies, Projecte VIC – Institut del Teatre de Vic, El Graner. Collaboration: Institut Ramon Lull

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Zenith. Photo: Ana Arroyo


Venue: atrium

Guy Nader and Maria Campos are independent creators who have collaborated regularly since 2006. Their work has featured in national and international festivals and has received several choreographic awards. In 2009 they created their first duet, Btwin Barcelona Beirut.Zenith is the fifth collaboration of the duo GN | MC. They are currently developing a new creation, the quintet Time Takes The Time Time Takes, which can be seen in Barcelona in the autumn of 2015.

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