Halfway between poetry reading, lecture and musical concert, Joana Brabo explains the wonders of active meditation: how to get to nirvana cleaning squid, how to float in a sea of doubt, how to jump into the void and become an olive… An intimate show of useful exercises to learn how to be a superstar at home.

Poetic juggling, percussive contortions and cacophonies, encounters in the third phrase. Joana Brabo – what’s good, if brabo, is three times brief – invites us to take a walk around noise and silence from which the audience will come out rejuvenated.

Sets and costumes: Anna Chwaliszewska

More information: www.en3palabras.com/public

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
 Zen per zen


SATURDAY 16 APRIL 2016, 7 pm
Venue: Museum atrium

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