From 30th April to 29th May 2019

We live at a moment when civilisation is in crisis. We could say that the hegemonic culture, economy and politics have declared war on life. At the origin of this crisis lies the break of Western culture and modernity with the materiality of the Earth and of bodies.

Deconstructing the myths and beliefs that support an ecocidal, patriarchal, colonial and unjust culture is a preliminary step to reorienting the subjectivities and practices that make life, vulnerable and finite, a priority.

Yayo Herrero is an anthropologist, social educator, agricultural engineer, lecturer and ecofeminist activist.

NOTE: This seminar is part of MACBA’s Independent Studies Programme (PEI).

Photo: Clara Elías


30 APRIL, 28 AND 29 May, 4 pm–7 pm.
Venue: Convent dels Àngels Auditorium.
Free admission. 10 places will be awarded through an open call. Please send a letter of motivation to docenciapei [at] macba [dot] cat before 15 April.
Fully booked

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