Concerts program

Organized by Associació Catalana de Compositors

The MACBA will host part of AvuiMúsica's 10th season, organized by the Catalonian Association of Composers. In this edition, AvuiMúsica stresses debuts, new musical tendencies, and international exchange and cooperation. Also, the second edition of the interdisciplinary concert mini-series Llocs de Pas presents works in a new format, bringing together different artistic disciplines to create a whole, in hopes of stimulating dialogue between diverse creative musical languages in which one can also find poetry, film, and video art, all of which is made possible by the participation of the ACC Composers.


Concerts at MACBA

Thursday April 26, at 9 pm
Afrodisax saxophone Quartet
With Oriol Graus Ribas, Gerard López, Albert Llanas Rich, Antoni Ernest, Sebastià Torrent and Domènec Gonzàlez de la Rubia.

Short cicle Llocs de Pas

Wednesday 27 June and Thursday 28 de june, at 9 pm
Afectes II (Contrapunts)
Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, Bass and Pianist. Video Projection.

Friday 29 June and Saturday 30 June, at 9 pm
A day in the Bar: Can the intranscendent be transcendent?
Accordion, Bassoon and Clarinet. Two dancers, images and voice.