In collaboration with Fòrum Salut Mental (Barcelona)

Since 2001, the MACBA, in collaboration with Fòrum Salut Mental (Mental Health Forum) Barcelona, has organised an annual workshop for users of day centres, directed by the psychoanalysts Montserrat Rodríguez Garzo (coordinator) and Carolina Tarrida i Farré. The workshop consists of three five-week periods that begin in October, February and May, with some in-between sessions to reinforce continuity.

The workshop sessions begin with a tour of one of the exhibitions programmed at the Museum, and participants then try to establish a conversation around this experience. The psychoanalysts only minimally guide this conversation: in fact, the sessions are organised according to the specific demands of the users, as far as possible. Unlike therapeutic spaces, the MACBA workshops seek to create a listening space, where users have the opportunity to express and articulate the concerns and interests that are triggered by their encounter with art. The exhibition functions as a stimulus for reflection.

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