This workshop teaches participants how to apply literary strategies to the process of visual creation. Its methodology is based on group and individual exercises and the subsequent discussion of results. The exercises are inspired by some of the strategies used by the Oulipo Group (‘Ouvroir de littérature potentielle') and other writers whose practices are based on establishing ‘systems for creation'. For example, the use of constrictions has been a source of inspiration and a way to generate ideas for many writers throughout history, most especially in the twentieth century.

Before attending the workshop, participants will be required to read certain texts that will guide them through the exercises. The orientation of the workshop is, above all, practical. Different exercises and activities will be carried out according to specific instructions and the participants will discuss the movies The Five Obstructions, by Lars von Trier, and Man with a Movie Camera, by Dziga Vertov.

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23–26 February 2010 from 4:00–8:00 pm
MACBA Public Programs
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