Workshop recommended for artists and fine arts students

«Right, where do we start? How should we look? Where should we start? What procedure or temperature should we use? What approach will best allow us to penetrate into today's nebulous reality?
These questions can be seen as coordinates that can help us to navigate through this inflexible “network of now” that we are all trapped in...
Metaphors that range from becoming enmeshed in gelatinous grid constructions to Rhythm and Blues can easily combine rosaries and conveyor belts.
They can, if you like, guide you through this spectacle and help you to analyse some of the strategies, adventures and failures that I’ve experienced throughout the years and that have allowed me to immerse myself in the present.
Starting from my own mix of formulas - as Aldous Huxley once said: “Try to learn everything about something and something about everything” – I have put all my energy into my attempts, failing often and making many discoveries. Although I didn’t manage to touch the moon, I remained floating in its atmosphere, in its surroundings...
In contrast to what tends to happen in our “rational world”, in art, suspicion and doubt are considered virtues.
Let’s see what we can do all together!» Thomas Bayrle

Thomas Bayrle (Berlin, 1937) is considered to be one of the leading representatives of the reception of the Pop movement in Germany. Active from the late sixties, his work explores the way in which processes of production, repetition and reception of an image are related to a particular acceptance of the modern project, while also revealing its difficulty in confronting two of the fundamental concepts of today’s society: the notions of difference and error. This workshop, imparted by Thomas Bayrle himself, is aimed at young artists from all disciplines. Together with the artist, participants will reflect on artistic activity, based on four aspects that are related to an analysis of Thomas Bayrle's work - montage, change of scales, diversity of materials and the missing link.