Workshop by the Iconoclasistas group

As part of this year's QUAM 2011, entitled Wikpolis. Cartographies and Collective Creation of the Social Space, the MACBA's Independent Studies Program (PEI) is co-organising a workshop led by the Argentinian collective Iconoclasistas. The workshop will be develop a collective line of research around the mapping of existing practices in the territory and explore methodologies of representation and mechanisms for activating new projects.

Since 2006, the work of Iconoclasistas (Pablo Ares y Julia Risler) has been based around the idea of a 'laboratory': a space in which imaginative processes activate creation, allowing for a smooth shift between different formats, devices and scenarios in order to shape research and graphic design tools that promote collaborative practices. They have been carrying out collective mapping workshops since 2008. The Iconoclasistas create posters and graphic material that tackle social issues and problems, which are then included in touring exhibitions.


From July 10 to 15, from 10 am to 1 pm and 5 to 8 pm
Apartat 117, 08500 Vic
Tel. 93 885 37 04
quam [at] acvic [dot] org