This activity offers an unusual tour of the Museum galleries. The aim is to approach contemporary art in a playful and interactive manner. Parents and children will be able to ask the usual questions about art: What is contemporary art? What isn’t? How do artists work? How do they question their context?

The visit will end with a practical workshop where children and their families will work together in the construction of an imaginary museum.

Every weekend, the MACBA offers an ongoing program targeted at families, which combines tours of the exhibition galleries with workshops and film screenings. The Museum opens up to families with the intention of offering a space in which to learn together through play; a place in which to discover artistic projects that are not only aesthetically attractive, but also encourage reflection on the many ways of making, seeing and listening to the art of our time.
What is MACBA?


1 – 30 June

Saturdays: 12 noon to 5.30 pm
Sundays: 12 noon

For group and education program information please call 93 412 14 13 educacio [at] macba [dot] cat ( )



Son[i]a #101. Tonina Cerdà
The essence of the fragment and the module resonates deeply in my work.
Pep Agut