Thursday, 25 November 2021

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Maite Muñoz is an independent researcher and curator specialising in artistic practices related to archives and the use of artist publications and self-publishing as forms of expression. She is a member of Vista Oral, the Los Angeles Contemporary Archive and the Autonomous Oral History Group. She has curated various exhibitions, public programmes and publications.

Magui Dávila is an independent curator working in the visual arts, and graphic and sound self-publishing as part of the Las Lindas Pobres project. She is a researcher and producer under the performative format that she calls techno marrón (brown techno). She produces the image for the She Makes Noise festival and is one half of the deleteD_action_sound duo. She programmes art spaces and slow dance clubs.

Repair Manuals and Cosmic Sounds. Self-publishing to heal the entire universe

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