Martina Millà, Fundació Joan Miró Head of Programmes takes us on a visit of the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi Drawing.

This exhibition is about the profound sense of connection that architect Lina Bo Bardi (1914-1992) had with drawing. More than the tool of a designer, to her, drawing was a primary expressive means driven by a strong sense of curiosity and doubt.

Over the span of her life, Bo Bardi collected more than 6,000 of her drawings and graphic notes in her personal archives in São Paulo, Brazil. This volume sheds light on a small, but carefully organized selection of 100 of those images, illustrating the wide and rich range of her thinking and her production.+info

Curator: Zeuler Rocha Lima



TUESDAY 25 APRIL, at 6.30 pm
Fundació Mirò
Exclusive activity for MACBA Amics. Free admission. Limited places. Advance booking required.

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