Núria Homs, Fundació Antoni Tàpies curator takes us on a visit of the exhibition Antoni Tàpies. Profound Certainty.

In 1991, just under a year after the Fundació’s opening, Antoni Tàpies produced a series of works in Barcelona on synthetic textile mats that he used to cover and protect his studio floor.

Manuel Borja-Villel, then Director of the Fundació’s Museum, assembled nineteen of these pieces in an exhibition entitled Profound Certainty (3 October 1991 – 5 January 1992). The title sought to evoke the deep conviction with which Tàpies practised his art. Thus, more than an academic proposal concerning this set of works, the goal was to accentuate an emotional frame of mind.

The Fundació revives the exhibition Profound Certainty, adding pieces that had not been included in the previous edition, and accompanied by a series of bronze and chamotte clay sculptures from the same period. +info



TUESDAY 2 APRIL, at 6 pm
Fundació Antoni Tàpies
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