This project emphasises a series of video works from the Collection that allow us to analyse the ways in which the moving image – film, television, video games, internet – influences the reception and construction of our reality.

The aim of the project is to examine these works of art as tools for the interpretation and critical reading of our environment, familiarising students with narrative forms as alternatives to conventional visual language and positioning them as active spectators. Themes such as the media, control systems, the body or the construction of identity will be used to observe the relationship that exists between contemporary society and artistic work in the audiovisual medium.

The activity ends with a practical proposal for collective participation that examines different ways of articulating the transmission of a message through a tool for producing images, such as the animation table.

Joan Colom "El carrer", 1960


Monday to Friday, morning and evening (except Tuesdays)

Recommended activity from the third year of ESO.

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