This summer MACBA presents the exhibitions of two artists: stanley brouwn and Francis Alÿs who, despite coming from different generations and contexts, share a particular interest in moving through the architectural surroundings taking their starting point as the singularity of the body. The Museum proposes the constructing of new urban visions on the basis of those offered by brouwn and Alÿs, experimenting with the artistic process of the construction of the way of looking, using a short route through the city.

In the workshop for adults, the activity begins within the Museum with a guided look at a selection of works by brouwn and Alÿs. The aim is to raise a series of questions that help us to deal with the experience. Immediately afterwards the route begins. It contains four stops that have been strategically chosen. At each of these stops relationships will be established with the works commented on in the Museum, through observation and the taking of photographs from different angles. On returning to the Museum, the works by Alÿs and brouwn will be re-examined, this time more slowly, and the activity closes with a sharing of opinions about the experience. The works will be included in a database specially created for this project.

It is essential that all participants bring a digital camera with them (one per person or per group).