Ulldeter is the alter ego of Aleix Clavera (a member of Extraperlo). This is a musical project that combines sensations and landscapes with a Mediterranean accent, and a great understanding of rhythm applied to dance music. Following his book-disk Atalaia, produced in conjunction with the artist Maria Pratts and published by Terranova, Ulldeter ventures into his new project Cala Nova Resort, joining forces with Goig, the architectural production platform.

Cala Nova Resort consists of a series of songs based on different parts of an imaginary holiday resort on the Mediterranean coast. Goig has designed the complex, providing a visual and architectural dimension to the soundscapes of Clavera. The projected spaces and music evoke the experiences of an inhabitant of Cala Nova, who is easily carried away by banal pleasures.

More information: http://ulldeter.bandcamp.com/; http://www.goigoigoig.com/

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm
Ulldeter presenta Cala Nova Resort


Venue: MACBA Atrium.
Public Programmes
macba [at] macba [dot] cat
Tel: 93 481 33 68



To reconstruct the disorder of a possible city. To use the model, not as an element in a project, but as the representation of something that already exists.
Jordi Colomer