A bookshop becomes a space for divination. The consultants meet with the medium and a few lines, taken from the pages of a book chosen at random, vibrate and invite an imprecise reception. A phrase that niggles. A response that is always open. Divinations that flee from the divine and project unsettling leaps between what is asked and what is considered an answer.

Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky is a lover of bibliomancy. Obsessed with clarifying his future and that of the anxious, impatient and curious, he can transform a book into a tool for prediction. Questions about love, work, family, health, money, among many other things, will be addressed in the course of this activity.

Coordinated by Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky

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Photo: Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky


MONDAY 18 MARCH, at 7 pm
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Blue protects white from innocence. Blue drags black with it. Blue is darkness made visible.
Derek Jarman