Seminar. Outcome of the Art After Feminism

Throughout the two-year duration of each biennial Independent Studies Program (PEI), students participate in a monographic workshop that articulates the continuity of the whole syllabus in a practical manner. The PEI 2008-2010 Workshop is Art after Feminisms, a project that aims to construct a space for research, analysis and reflection on the implications of recent feminist and queer theories in the field of artistic practices. The idea is to create a public space in which to give visibility to some of the languages and representations related to the feminist critique and sexual liberation movements that began to emerge in the sixties in Spain. This project stems from an awareness that the politicisation of art cannot entail the essentialisation of a kind of political «gender» for art: analogously, it is the field of artistic practices that is questioned by the contributions of feminists and queer theory. Thus, this will be an opportunity to reconsider the role of institutional, pedagogic and exhibition-based critique, the place and politics of identity, bodies and forms of subjectivation in art.


23 & 24 February, from 6 pm to 9 pm

Transdykequeer Micropolitics. Deviant Activism Before and After Aids

The objective of this seminar is to evaluate the actions and impact of political movements and homosexual, feminist and dyke activism, and the effects of AIDS on identity politics and strategies of representation over the last thirty years. It will reconsider two dialectical forces, the tensions of which could be described as the search for integration and social acknowledgement on one hand, and dissidence and the rejection of hegemonic forms of visibility on the other, within a scope of reflection ranging from individuals like Ocaña, Nazario and Camilo to collectives like La Radical Gai and LSD. The title refers to the way in which these forms of activism have been constructed over time through ruptures and continuities, and have gone back to or clashed with an ideological and political legacy that corresponded to a specific moment in history.

Monday, 23 February
Homosexual activism and the dyke feminist front
With: Alberto Mira, Eugeni Rodriguez and Gracia Trujillo

Tuesday, 24 February
The impact of AIDS on the identity politics of sexual minorities
With: Fernando Villamil, Eskalera Karakola and Pedro G. Romero

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