Guided tour by the curator, Chus Martinez

Thomas Bayrle (Berlin, 1937) is considered one of the leading representatives of the reception of the Pop movement in Germany. Using a highly diverse range of mediums including prints on paper, models, sculptures and films, the work of Thomas Bayrle interprets a theory into images portraying the difference between receiving and consuming an image. Motorways, airports, telephones and food cans, anything can become a versatile material with possibilities of appearing in a thousand different ways in his graphic artwork, his collages, or in one of his many films. The relationship between industrial reproduction and an insatiable, somewhat mystical, repetitive vibration appears in the work as a method of the real as a resource with which to explore our relationship with tradition, with what we already know, while at the same time producing the possibility of error, the fortuitous, all that, strangely, escapes the
desire for everything to stay the same as before, entropically.

Inauguration: 5 February 2009
Exhibition dates: From 6 February to 19 April 2009


ACTIVITY ONLY FOR FRIENDS OF MACBA: Guided tour by the curator, Chus Martinez. Monday February 23, at 7.00 pm
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