‘Because you cannot be free without exhibiting freedom itself.’
Hannah Arendt

A museum is a public space that conserves and exhibits objects and information, whose cultural value resides in some aspect of human existence and its environment. It is disturbing to notice the increasing demand for live art, as though an organic body or existence itself were worthy of being preserved.

Organised around sound, this Temporary Exhibition seeks to arrive at a total exhibition of physicality through a movement that, emerging in the present, is constantly searching and exhuming genuine impulses, in order to create an ecosystem where individual actions meet and face each other in a situation of interdependence with the environment and the collective body.

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Exposició temporal



Tanya Beyeler (Lugano, 1980) has studied theatre and the dramatic arts, directing, dramaturgy and humanities, but her interests include other disciplines such as music and contemporary dance. Her artistic activity focuses on contemporary creativity and the investigation of possible forms of live art. In 2009 she created, together with Pablo Gisbert, the company El Conde de Torrefiel, producing videos, actions and performance pieces that combine the aesthetics of choreographic composition, literature and the visual arts. She is a regular contributor to the dance company La Veronal, run by choreographer Marcos Morau.

Daniel Fernández
Jesús Aragón.
Raquel Klein
Ana Barroso
Marta Regueira
Fanette Pons
Eulalia Barguedà
Daniela D`Acosta
Blanca Tolsá
Eneritz Zebeiro
Karolina Rychlik

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