Lecture and presentation of videos by Takahiko Iimura (Tokyo, 1937), one of the artists who pioneered video art and avant-garde film in Japan. This presentation is conceived as a short anthology of Iimura's work, beginning in 1962 and evolving through various stages and forms of experimentation: surrealist film mixing erotic elements with a certain social criticism; minimalist explorations of space and time, combining the basic elements of structural cinema with Zen experiences, etc.

In almost forty years of professional activity, Iimura has explored a whole spectrum of technical supports: 8- and 16-mm film, video, CD-ROM. These procedures and devices have enabled him to work in a great variety of formal registers, from the film poem to experiences of a linguistic nature, by way of the documentary or the structural film.


MA: Space/Time-In the Garden of Ryoan-ji.
Vídeo, 1989, 16 min., color.
A I U E O NN Six Features.
Vídeo y CD-Rom, 1993-1999, 8 min., color.
John Cage Performs James Joyce
Vídeo, 1985, 15 min., color.
Vídeo y CD-Rom, 1975-1999, 22 min., b/n.
Vídeo, 1966-1968, 28 min., color.