Premiered at the Sigma Festival in Bordeaux in November 1966, this unusual and transgressive piece is halfway between theatre and musical concert. Conceived by the composer Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny and the poet Joan Brossa, the Suite bufa (1966) was written for Carles Santos (piano), singer Anna Ricci and ballerina Terri Mestres. Its authors liked to define it as a ‘musical action’. Since then the Suite Bufa has been performed on various occasions, most notably at La Ricarda in 1966, a version by the Ensemble MW2 in Krakow in 1973, the performance by Mireia Chalamanch and Albert Mestres (Sata-Suite Bufa-Na) in 2002, or more recently by Victor Àlvaro in 2005.

Next saturday 8 March, MACBA presents again the Suite bufa in the framework of the Experience MACBA project.

Authors: Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny and Joan Brossa
Direction: Albert Mestres
Piano: Salvador Monzó
Cantactriz (singer and actress): Ingrid Ustrell
Dancer: Eulàlia Bergadà Serra
Choreography: Lipi Hernández
Scenography: José Menchero
Sound technician: Jordi Salvadó
Stylist: Raquel Bonillo
Stage hand: Jordi Pota, Jordi Font and Ferran Echegaray

With the collaboration of:
Fundació Joan Brossa
La Seca Espai Brossa
Institut del Teatre
Diaula, centre d’educació musical
Concurs Internacional de Música Maria Canals de Barcelona
G&Fills, Professional Pickup System

With the collaboration of:
La Seca. Espai Brossa
With de support of:
La Suite bufa



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