Occasionally MACBA offers tours to groups that, due to their specialization, require access to works, spaces and services that are not generally open to the public. These tours are restricted and are attended by the directors of the specific departments that are visited.


Restoration and storage workshop

What voyage does an artwork make from the time of its arrival in the museum to its exhibition in the galleries? Where and how are the works stored at MACBA? What is the responsibility of the conservation and restoration staff? What are the criteria for the conservation and restoration of contemporary art? These are some of the questions that will be approached during this workshop.

Recommended for students and professionals in conservation and restoration.

Collection of artists' books

MACBA's holdings include a collection of artists' books that are accessible for study. It contains original works by Joan Brossa, Christian Boltanski, Jordi Colomer, Antoni Tàpies, Zush, Miralda, Robert Filliou, Joan Colom, among others.

Recommended for students and professionals in art, illustration and design.

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