Solange, tô aberta (Solange, I'm open) is a project by Pedro Costa in the format of a show, in the style of funk dance (originally from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro) that blends queer, punk, drag and post-porn with the sound of funk carioca. It uses funk as a tool of political resistance. Distorting its initial form, it promotes a true explosion of cathartic dance and politics. It speaks of those bodies that want openness and space to exist, staging the unclassifiable and questioning sexuality, gender, identity and stereotypes.

Pedro Costa, anthropologist and artist, defines his work: ‘19 years ago I started to have direct contact with the performing and visual arts. For lack of interesting things, I began to make my own way. Since childhood, my desires and my blurred identity have been subjected to violence, and that became the basis of my creation: work with memory and identity. For me, body and criticism are not disconnected. What inspires me is failure and insecurity. Originally from Brazil, I’ve been living in Berlin for the last three years as a postcolonial immigrant.’

Solange, tô aberta


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