Coinciding with the exhibition Dislocated Archive, works by Laura Arensburg, Ana Luiza Braga, Julieta Obiols and Lior Zalis, Vatiu Nicolás Koralsky will be screened on the exterior wall of the museum’s tower.

Activity to be streamed:

Dislocate the museum, put a skin on it, with the archive lending texture to the aseptic surface of an exhibition centre, giving body to it.

A series of bodies, skins and surfaces will be projected throughout the Night of the Museums, generating a random composition by superposing still images of the skins of the dislocated archive onto the audiovisual images of the participant bodies. In this way, the temporality and visibility of the projected textures will be brought together, while the archive moves towards the external surface of the museum by means of a public intervention.

This activity is within the framework of the Day and Night of the museums.

(La) Piel del museo


SATURDAY 19 MAY 2018, AT 9 pm
Plaça dels Àngels
Free entrance

Would you like to see your skin projected onto the MACBA tower? Share a vídeo on the social networks and we will screen it on the exterior wall of the museum’s tower during the Night of the Museums, in the context of the exhibition Dislocated Archive. How can you send us the video?
- On Instagram: Share it on your profile and label it @lapieldelmuseo
- On Twitter: Share it on your profile with the hashtag #lapieldelmuseo or #lapelldelmuseu
- The duration of the video is unlimited and sound is optional

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