Situations is a series of short pieces performed over one evening in an open space. There is no differentiation between stage and seating area or between performer and audience: quite the opposite. It tries to mix everything and create a situation in which the artistic action is contingent, unpredictable and interactive. More than instruments, costumes and accessories, it employs organisational freedom and movement of the public. We begin with an environment in which the action may appear. Then it disappears and reappears, unpredictably, a little further away.

By the ESMUC percussion band.
Direction: Miquel Bernat

François Sarhan is a French composer, director and visual artist, whose works have been performed in Asia, Africa, America and Europe. More information:

Main sponsor of the activities:
Estrella Damm


Venue: Museum Atrium

Daniel Artacho
Idoia Ugalde
Luisa Mar Morales
Joan Pérez-Villegas Morey
Daniel Munarriz
Julian Enciso
Ismael Azidane
Sergio Álvarez
David Montoya
Guillem Ruiz Brichs
Dani Cercos
Alba Rodriguez Alfonso
Fernán Rodriguez Alfonso
Clara Canimas
Joaquin panades
Javier Andrés Castán
Artistic Direction François Sarhan i Miquel Bernat

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