‘I find unpredictable beauty in non-intention. Before reaching it, I go through the complex diversity within me. I search for a place away from individuality yet very near that entity. Gone is the basis for comparison and judgment. It just IS. Simply and gently.’

Short Essay on Nothingness does not aspire to being a definite performance piece. It is a study on the practice of being on stage, the presence of the moment and performing from a highly receptive place. Iris Heitzinger invites her audience to see the performer exposed without any intention, working only with what is there at that moment, observing herself and opening the process to the viewer.

Idea, creation and performance: Iris Heitzinger. A production of Miss Luiss Twisted 2011. Premiered at the festival IMPULS [D], Teatre SAT! Sant Andreu, Barcelona.

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Venue: Museum Atrium

Iris Heitzinger studied at the Anton Bruckner Privatuniversität (Linz) and continued her training in England, Holland, Belgium and Finland. Since then she has worked as a freelance performer with different artists and national and international companies. In parallel, she teaches and conducts workshops on contemporary dance, improvisation and partnered work in Austria, Japan, Poland, Canada and the UK. Since 2007 she has developed her work as a creator with an interest in collaborations with other artists. She creates her individual works under the name of Miss Luiss Twisted.

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