‘The work of Sergi Botella revolves around everyday reality under the premise of showing the complex affective and emotional mechanisms that define our daily routines. A strategy that, from artistic practice, allows him to test fictional formulas that are inextricably linked to what is real and true. An ongoing narrative system that takes as its starting point the artist's personal experiences and the relationships and influences that arise from his immediate surroundings.’
David Armengol, 2012

Part of the work of Sergi Botella (Terrassa, 1976) has developed from the meeting point and confusion of autobiographical fantasies with electronic music, either sampled or direct. Founder of the labels Dóna-li Records, Mandró and Votox, and co-founder of the improvised electronics project Perdurabo/Perturbado, currently his work comes together in performative, video and techno presentations. Live audio-visuals with narration and sound in real-time, an exercise halfway between sound electronics and existential remixing. His exemplified explanations flow in an atmosphere charged with self-suggested lies and the most honest stories, interdependent of each other.

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