This ‘tour’ will take apart, question, and bring to light aspects of a collection that sometimes ages through photosensitivity. We need to take a ‘personal and nontransferable’ approach if we want to make the nuances sweat and become tactile. Like a magnet that repels or attracts other bodies according to physical laws, Fito Conesa offers a vision or a path that may well be the product of his collector's zeal and his more exhibitionist side, but nonetheless offers new ways of coexisting with the MACBA Collection and the Meier building. The result is a Sensorial Tour almost as a mass Pop culture event, and as a pretext for a journey through our own history.

Sensorial Tour


SATURDAY 4 APRIL 2015, 7 pm
Venue: Museum galleries.
Tel. 93 412 14 13
educacio [at] macba [dot] cat ( )
Blue protects white from innocence. Blue drags black with it. Blue is darkness made visible.
Derek Jarman