What is the task of curator-restorers? What does preventive conservation entail? What are the conservation and restoration criteria for contemporary art? In this tour, an educator and a curator-restorer engage with participants in a dialogue around some of the lesser-known aspects of works from the MACBA Collection.
The tour is not intended to provide exhaustive information on all the artworks on display, but to show a selection that shed light on some of the particularities and problems that the conservation and restoration team face. We will discover that there are professionals who specialise in works on paper or canvas, and others who work with objects, media art or installations, and that they strive to prevent the deterioration of the works and pieces through the use of new electronic and digital technologies.

How do you conserve media art? How do you slow down a process of degradation if the artist doesn’t want any actions to be taken on his or her work? What is a mail? What is involved in setting up a work in such a way that visitors can appreciate it just as it is shown? By revealing the relationships between artwork, artist and museum this tour triggers open group discussions from an innovative point of view.

With de support of:
Los secretos de la conservación y la restauración en el arte contemporáneo


Saturday 1 March, at 7 pm
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