At the level of quantum mechanics, all possible situations are apparently happening at once. Until an observer comes along, and nature chooses one of the possibilities. In Science-Fiction everything happens, all at once. At least until you see the show.
Science-Fiction is an investigation of the world of science by somebody with a rather unscientific mind. ‘In a single blow, it’s a knowledge tournament, a lecture, a class, and a magic act (where you get to see the trick); it's a concert, and a show that could be many shows that don’t exist (yet); it’s a night of Thai take-away at the flat of the guys from Big Bang Theory... In short, it’s a good opportunity to reflect on different ways of being on stage and of exploring that thing we call contemporary performance.‘ (David Rodríguez in El Teatro de Tina).

A project by Cris Blanco. With music by Cris Blanco and Rubén Ramos.
With the support of: Iberescena, Espacios cómodos 010 de la puerta, Al Kantara, La casa encendida espacio práctico, El local, El aula de danza estrella casero, El local de la calle azucenas.

Science-Fiction with Cris Blanco


SATURDAY 20 JUNE2015, 7 pm
Venue: Museum Atrium.
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