MACBA participates in Barcelona Poetry Week by hosting the literary show Una sang vertical, a poetic cabaret that mixes spoken word, singing, music and poetic action. Víctor Bocanegra suggests a possible ‘history of poetry’ that goes from Jaufré Rudel to Josefa Contijoch by way of Federico García Lorca, Georges Moustaki, W.B. Yeats, Jacint Verdaguer, Segimon Serrallonga, William Blake, Josep Carner, François Villon and Armand Obiols.

Víctor Obiols/Bocanegra (recitation, singing and piano); Miqui Mestres (guitars and effects) and Ernest Martínez Massanet (percussion). Music by Víctor Bocanegra.

Organised by: Ajuntament de Barcelona. More information:

International Poetry Festival, Barcelona


WEDNESDAY, 14 MAY AT 9.30 pm
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International Poetry Festival, Barcelona