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With an introduction by Chus Martínez, MACBA chief curator and curator of the exhibition Thomas Bayrle. I've a Feeling we're not in Kansas Anymore, who will present the film and discuss its relationship with the artist's work.
Rote Sonne – part feminist film, part parody of the Western genre – is one of the few late sixties films that set out to portray the 1968 generation. Uschi Obermaier, an actress who became one of the sex symbols of the '68 movement, plays Peggy, an attractive woman who shares a flat with three friends. The four flatmates have a rule: men are only good for sex for a maximum period of five days, and then they must inevitably be murdered.
Born in 1939, Rudolf Thome was part of a group of Munich filmmakers influenced by Godard and the US tradition. After completing several fiction shorts between 1964 and 1968, he directed Detektive (1968), which he followed with Rote Sonne (Red Sun, 1969), Supergirl (1970) and Fremde Stadt (1972). He then made two films based on autobiographical elements: Made in Germany and USA (1974) and Tagebuch (1975). Between 1977 and 1979, in the Habrides Islands, he directed Beschreibung einer Insel (Description of an Island), without a preestablished plan and with a plot that mixed documentary and fiction. His works in the eighties turned to more traditional cinematic subjects: Berlin Chamissoplatz (1980), System ohne schatten (1983) and Tarot (1986). His most recent film is Das Sichtbare und das Unsichtbare (The Visible and the Invisible, 2007)


Thursday February 12, at 7:30 pm
The screening will be in original version in Spoanish subtitles.
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