Rojo pandereta (Red Tambourine) is a dance piece that takes the 1869 staging of Don Quixote by French choreographer Marius Petipa as its reference – a framework for reflecting on and questioning choreographic paradigms which, as dancers, have run through and built our body identities. This piece, designed for an urban landscape, takes ballet out of the big theatres and offers it “to the people”: society, locals, squares and festivities.

Folclor del Porvenir. Le Parody
Le Parody – a musical project from Sole Parody – works from sampling, sentiment, observation and memory. Porvenir uses lyrics from the Andalusian oral tradition and echoes from the Northern European electronic dance tradition without historicist intention, without orthodoxy, understanding them as living materials to play with, think about and make. Folclor del Porvenir (Folklore of the Future) is a live, custom-made performance that invites us to be active in the audio, the visual and the corporal.

As part of the Hacer historia(s) vol. 3 (Making History/ies Vol. 3) series, organized by La Poderosa.

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