From 9 pm, the artistic group Les Salonnières will intervene in the Museum space under the umbrella of the activities of Experience MACBA. By interacting with the public, Les Salonnières create uninhibited scenes that question the environment through the body and attitudes. Their actions are unexpected interventions that subvert established behaviours and ideas on personal and collective identity.

The programme Experience MACBA invites you to discover the Museum and contemporary art in a different and surprising way. Every Saturday until 21 pm. you can experience a different type of Museum visit with special activities such as dance, music, cinema and performances accompanied by a Moritz beer. Come and discover the new Museum lounge-space!

Les Salonnières is formed by Laura Cardona, Ester g. Mecías, Cèlia Prats, Meritxell Romanos and Marta Xibillé.

Les Salonnières


Saturday 18 May, 9 pm
MACBA Public Programs
Tel. (+34) 93 481 46 81
programespublics [at] macba [dot] cat



I like to work with what is often called "cultural heritage", but the materials that I use are banal and clichéd, like sugar blocks, doors, couscous, rugs, official documents.
Latifa Echakhch