Program for children aged six and up that combines narration with contemporary music. Concert based on the children's story by Dutchman Godfried Bomans in 1952.

Part of the 10th International Season of Musical Influences, Música Fresca, Spring Festival 2007


March 25 at 12 pm

The blackberry collector was a happy man surrounded by great treasures. Every morning he found diamonds in the grass. The roof of his home, which was more a palace than a house, was blue and white, held up by great brown columns crowned with green, and multi-colored capitals. In the back of his home stood a large mirror in which he saw his own reflection and that of everything around him, and every day a big orchestra played him the most beautiful music in the world.
One day an explorer came by. He knew of the blackberry collector's wealth and told the entire village. They all ran to this marvelous place to take his riches and enjoy them.

With the participation of the Ensemble Barcelona Nova Música (Barcelona New Music Ensemble: Christiaan de Jong, narration, direction, composition, flute, guitars and electronica; Sandrine Robilliard, cello; Matthew Simon, trumpet; Luís I. Gascón, saxophone and recorder; Sadahiro Otani, guitar; Ángle Pereira, percussion), Wu Wei, traditional Chinese instruments, and Eric Vloeimans, trumpet and electronica.

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