Co-ordinated by Martí Peran

In terms of criticism, in that this is the first season of these Workshops, the guiding intention is to articulate a panoramic perspective of the various fronts which have a bearing on the exercise of art criticism. In this respect, together with a description of the body of theory relating to the subject, the areas of reflection addressed by the workshop cover such specific questions as the function of criticism, its instruments, its platforms, its resources, its objects and its relations with other cultural and social agents. Each of the themes will be presented by leading professionals, who will put forward their own opinions and experience. On yet another level, the workshop seeks to promote an experimental and practical dimension, so that all of the ideas which emerge from the theoretical treatment of the theme can be developed through exercises of criticism in relation to the current artistic realities of the city and the Museum's own collection.The aim of the workshop is to orient all of this practical activity towards a range of different communications media.

Martí Peran is Professor of Art Theory in the Universitat de Barcelona.



Pilar Bonet, professor of Art Criticism. Department of History of Art of the Universitat de Barcelona

José Luís Brea, art critic, curator and professor of the Facultad of Bellas Artes of the University of Castilla-La Mancha

Manel Clot, art critic, freelance curator and professor

José Miguel Cortés, director of the Espai d'Art Contemporani de Castelló

Núria Enguita, director of the Fundació Tàpies in Barcelona

Neus Miró, art critic and exhibition curator

José Luís Pardo, professor of Philosophy at the Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Glòria Picazo, art critic and exhibition curator

Josep Quetglas, Professor at the ETSAB, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Josep Torrell, film critic