A window into the intimacy of two of the most representative creators of the new ‘bedroom’ scene. Sensitivity to the rhythm of music as diverse as light music and trap house.

The cycle Distances at the end of the month starts on Saturday 30 May with rebe and Chico Blanco. Both are key figures to understanding a new creative constellation from within four walls. At 23, rebe has created a special world, a digital intimacy that works as a window for her creations, a sort of Björk playing Jeanette. Chico Blanco is one of the benchmarks of the new urban scene, with a mixture of trap and rhythms of house and electronics.

Behind rebe is the Madrid producer Rebeca Díaz, just 23 years old, an artist capable of drawing a new and individual universe in which love and intimacy are projected like a window to the outside. A world that captures a complex artistic creation in which she performs, produces and directs her own video clips.
Approachable and mysterious, fragile and empowered, she has become one of the artists of the moment with works such as her most recent EP, Recuerdos un poco antes y un poco después de conocer a 1 xico (el mío) (Snap! Clap! Club / Jeanne D’Arc, 2020), in which the exploration of microsound suggests comparisons with Björk, Jeanette and Anna D.


Chico Blanco
Chico Blanco, the identity behind Granada-based producer Pablo Cobo, brings together urban influences with electronic music. House, eurodance and UK garage are all present in a sound that leaves us feeling as if we are facing something totally new. As a dj working with 8kitoo in their MAREO club, together they mix every conceivable kind of dance music, covering all electronic genres. Always on the lookout for innovation, his sound and influences have evolved over time. His lyrics optimistically reflect the spirit of a generation that only wants to dance under the disco lights as an escape from the dystopian world that surrounds us. Reality and pop tunes with the energy of dance music and a carefree attitude.

Participants: Pablo Cobo AKA Chico Blanco, Pablo Ramírez AKA 8kito, Marcelo Oquendo AKA Puro Movimiento, Clara Gámiz and Alex Oquendo.



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Chico Blanco. Photo: cicutafilms