Readings from a Collection is a project that aims to awaken students’ interest in the art and society of their time, beginning with the works of the MACBA Collection. Designed as a resource for use in the classroom before visiting the Museum, Readings from a Collection provides the basis for a debate that will resume later in front of the works on display in the galleries.

With the support of an interactive CD-ROM provided to the centre for teachers to adapt according to the curriculum of each school group, Reading from a Collection proposes a particular route through certain works of the MACBA Collection. During the subsequent visit to the Museum, young people will have an opportunity to come into direct contact with the works. The current presentation of the MACBA Collection offers a chronological overview of key works and artistic attitudes from the second half of the twentieth century to the present. The idea is to discuss views and opinions in a group, and to compare them with the specific information provided by the teacher.

With the title Between the Documentary and the Poetic Gesture, we propose a reading centred on the artistic changes that followed the Second World War. Amidst the desolate postwar landscape, art tried to find, either through a need to witness what was happening (documentary), or as a way of escaping or avoiding reality (poetic gesture), possible solutions and answers to the anguish characteristic of the moment.

Students from the SJB Secondary School at MACBA, 2011. Photo: David Campos


Museum visits
Visit timetable: Monday to Friday mornings and afternoons (except Tuesdays)

To obtain the interactive CD-Rom, please speak to the relevant educational resources department at your school ordirectly contact the MACBA.


Duration: the material available on the CD–Rom has a minimum duration of one class and includes proposals for further work for students and additional material.




Reading a Collection