This session will focus on how and why queer-feminist practices burst onto the political and cultural scene in the late 1980s, and specifically in Spain in the 1990s. Some works have already dealt with the influence of these queer-feminist contributions in other countries and cultural contexts, but to a lesser extent in Spain. But their impact, and especially the anti-regulation agenda that they deployed, is still valid today.

A series of counter-narratives, sub(cultures) and politics of a collective history that until then had been fragmented burst onto the scene in Spain in the 1990s. Providing an account of these helps not only to re-read our past and contextualise changes and how they have taken place recently, but also to ask ourselves how they determine our present, where we stand now and identifying our priorities. But these new ways of thinking about life, art and politics also record new ways of doing and feeling that will encourage the emergence and construction of renewed, radical political subjectivities.


Fefa Vila

Course fee: 20 €. Free with the Friend card. Price per lecture (on the same day if seats available): 5 €.

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