PUNK. Its Traces in Contemporary Art is an exhibition that offers an overview of the influence of punk in contemporary art and reminds us of its important presence as an attitude and as a point of reference for many creators. It consists of installations, multiple documentary traces, photographs, video and painting, so it is not surprising that some of the pieces overflow the galleries and occupy such a versatile programme as EXPERIENCE MACBA, which in this case translates the echoes of this attitude to different locations and formats in the museum.

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THURSDAYS 7, 14, 21, 28 JULY 2016, AT 7 pm

Thursday 7 July, 7 pm
Félix Pérez-Hita. A repressed art

Venue: Meier Auditorium
It would appear that the world of contemporary art tolerates self-criticism better than other professional worlds. Indeed, rarely has artistic production so avidly questioned the institutions that sustain it: museums, fairs, criticism, advertising, luxury, official taste, etc. In turn, museums have defended themselves by integrating these critiques into their discourse and acquiring some uncomfortable works for their collections. In his lecture, cultural critic and producer Félix Pérez-Hita will address modern forms of censorship and repression in welfare democracies and look at certain issues that are still censored. He will discuss, among other things, some precedents of punk, MACBA’s underground relationship with this cultural current, Raymond Pettibon’s visit to the museum in 2002, etc. Pérez-Hita will illustrate his talk with his own and others’ videos… and some surprises.
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Thursday 14 July, 7 pm
Antoni Hervàs and Corte Moderno present Negociudad

Venue: Museum Atrium
Antoni Hervàs and Corte Moderno transcend the traditional conception of artist and band, respectively. In his project Hércules en la Luna (Hercules on the moon), Antoni Hervàs had already collaborated with the group PELEA!, whose former members Xabel Ferreiro and Ignacio Estrada-Nora today form Corte Moderno together with Jordi G.G. It’s no wonder that a reverse collaboration has arisen naturally, and in the case of Negociudad it was Corte Moderno that sought Antoni Hervàs. The artist has transformed Negociudad with a fold-out sleeve illustrating the album with the same title released by Terranova. Negociudad is a concept album in the tradition of rock operas, and narrates the mass exodus of the rural classes to the big city, in what is both a revisitation of the germ of Marxist thought and a dystopian description of today’s urban hypertrophy. The challenge in this case is to turn MACBA into the fold-out sleeve for the album.
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Thursday 21 July, 7 pm
Screening of the documentary Tito, the Phantom Monk (2015)
Due to the strike by the workers of Servei Educatius Ciut'art, the screening of this documentary is postponed to 17 September.
Presented by its director, Dani Montlleó

Venue: Meier Auditorium
Tito, the Phantom Monk is Dani Montlleó’s personal account of the life and work of artist Tito Díaz (Barcelona, 1958). The director unravels Díaz’s career, an extreme and maverick author who will abandon his public persona to become an obscure artist. In the manner of Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog, Díaz dissolves and becomes a ghost behind his own work, consisting of tons of blocks of hair and goat, horse and cow bones that become sound, painting, stone and calacas (human skeletons).

Montlleó’s interest in art grew out of his fascination with hair in the early eighties, following three discoveries: firstly, the triad of the Beatles/Stu Sutcliffe/Astrid Kirchherr, a perfect triangle that included music, art and fashion. Moreover – and also in the orbit of the Beatles – he got to know the secret fantasy of Ringo Starr, who wanted to be a hairdresser in order to serve coffee to women. Secondly, the discovery of the poem ‘I want a life shaped like a fishbone’ by Boris Vian, and in particular the line ‘I want a life… in the shape… of a wild barber’. And finally, his discovery of Tito Díaz, the sort of artist almost non-existent today.
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Thursday 28 July, 7 pm
Maria Pratts and Ulldeter

Venue: Museum Atrium
The collaboration between Maria Pratts and Ulldeter starts with Atalaia, a strictly musical project by Aleix Clavera, a member of Extraperlo and regular bassist of El Guincho, who began recording a collection of songs under the pseudonym Ulldeter in 2009. Once he had completed the eight tracks that make up Atalaia, together with the artist Mairia Pratts, Clavera decided to go further and turn it into a multidisciplinary dialogue in which each song adopts the form of a sculptural installation. In this case, they pick up the thread of Atalaia to propose new challenges that are presented here for the first time.
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