Doble imatge by Jordi Cerdà and Claude Jeanmart. The mirror, the double image as a form of dialogue-synthesis and hidden-open dichotomy are the basis of this catalogue of images of visual poetry.

I això no cal. Carles Hac Mor writes with the help of his thoughts and Eugenio Tiselli with a computer program. The final result shows that perhaps the poetry of men and machines is not so different.
Teresa la mòmia. Lluís Calvo and David Caño have made a living work that combines urban geography, observation and a sense of humour verging on loutishness without ever sacrificing the quality and poetic force.
Memòria banal. Jordi Cervera offers us a tour of the little things, those that we forget but shouldn’t forget and those we remember for no reason. Details that end up being an important part of the personal ‘I’.

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