Thursday, 18th February 2021

Presentation of the book Germinal, with the participation of Pilar Bonet, lecturer in Art History at the UB, Lluïsa Faxedas, lecturer in Contemporary Art History at the UdG, and Montserrat Ribas, lecturer in the Translation and Language Sciences department at the UPF.

The book Germinal (Documenta Universitària, 2020), featuring the texts of the papers presented within the framework of ‘Encontres de la Càtedra’ (November 2018, Universitat de Girona), a series of lectures about the life and work of Fina Miralles. The authors explore the various aspects of Miralles’ textual and visual work, while clearly eschewing the limitations imposed by art history that too often tend to reduce complex and constantly changing biographical and artistic trajectories to more or less stereotyped labels. As a whole, the book shows that, beyond any categorisation or discourse, Miralles’ work has become a lesson in life, knitted together from everything she has learned, experienced and lived, and now offered to us as a seed for the future.

The programme Let’s talk about generates discussions on the Museum’s exhibitions between the different agents and artists in the city and our regular public. It is a meeting point that regards exhibitions as powerful devices capable of activating the imagination and generators of discourses that often go beyond the preconceived readings of the institution or the curatorial team.

Germinal de Fina Miralles
The essence of the fragment and the module resonates deeply in my work.
Pep Agut