Presented by Diego Posada

Ever since their beginnings, queer movements have emerged out of alliances amongst subalterities, where immigrants, undocumented individuals and racialized people have played an important role. However, in submitting itself to hegemonic culture, queer has seemed to undergo a process of whitening that would seek to erase these alliances and genealogies. In this way, instituted as a theory in Anglo-Saxon academia, queer theory has circulated within the logics of cultural imperialism, setting itself up in the south (a euphemism for “the colonies”), where it has generated contradictory effects: on the one hand, through the erasure of specific genealogies of sexual dissidence, whereby everything is included within the terms of queer; on the other hand, by generating spaces of dyke-fag-transvestite-trans critical practices, with institutional support, fully aware that if they were not all included within the English term, in many cases they would not be able to exist.

In this event, conceived as part of the Dislocated Archive, we seek to “dislocate” the role of the cultural invention of sodomy, masculinity and femininity in the historical processes of Spanish imperialism, along with the migratory processes born in sex-gender dissidences and contemporary narratives that justify the imperialist processes finding haven in the defence of sexual freedom.

Presentation of the bibliography on queer diasporas and colonialism


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