CONJUGATIONS. A dialogue with the public stems from the need of Natalia Jiménez (Jaén, 1980) to share her concerns about the complex processes of identity construction. This motivation led her to establish a prolific correspondence with anthropologist and specialist in gender studies, Leticia Sánchez Moy. And these dialogues, in turn, have continued to expand with contributions from the playwright Jorge Gallardo and the collaboration of the visual artist Pep Duran.

CONJUGATIONS proposes an open dialogue with the public in which boundaries are reclaimed as a space of freedom. ‘There are many different ways to wear a woman's body, of belonging to a particular ethnic group or culture, of experiencing a sense of place, of territory, and inhabiting another without forgetting where we come from or where we are going. Of asserting that I don’t come from here or there, I’m not feminine or masculine, but that I decide to inhabit the border to create my own vision of the world, as legitimate as any other.’

With de support of:
Practice at the Border (Conjugations Project) Natalia Jiménez



Natalia Jiménez is a stage designer, performer and teacher. She trained in contemporary dance at the Centro Andaluz de Danza, Seville. She has worked with a number of artists and companies: Guillermo Weickert, Abraham Hurtado, Vertebro Teatro, Angels Margarit/Cia, Mudances, Bebeto Cidra and Ex Nihilo, among others. She has also collaborated with Guido Tuveri in the yoga, dance and meditation centre Casa Oliva, in Sardinia, and the artist Xus Picher on the travelling project Destinatarias&Cía (Chile - Costa Rica - Spain - Italy). She is currently developing two projects for the stage, illustrating her main lines of action and artistic collaboration: L_ENTES, conceived by choreographer Iris Heitzinger; CONJUGATIONS. A dialogue with the public, now recontextualised specifically for the spaces at MACBA.

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