Lecture led by Édouard Glissant

Due to Mr. Glissant health problems, this lecture has to be cancelled. Sorry for the inconvenience

Édouard Glissant is a fundamental reference in the discussion on “relationality” as an alternative to the predominant museum model based on vision. This subject has been broadly examined by the MACBA through various presentations of its Collection, its temporary exhibitions and the seminars organised throughout the last two years.

Édouard Glissant (Martinique, 1928), is a poet, essayist and playwright. A Doctor of Fine Arts, he is currently a Professor at the City University in New York. Glissant is considered the spiritual father of the Creole movement and played an active part in the struggle against colonialism, declaring his support for the independence of Algeria. His essays have aroused huge interest in post-colonial studies, especially the works The Antillean Discourse (1981), Poetics of Relation (1990) and Introduction to a Poetics of the Diverse (1995, translated into Spanish in 2002). Even his first poems, An Expanse of Islands (1953), La Terre inquiète (1954) and The Indies (1956), his writing echoes the enduring oppression suffered by the Antillean people and of their search for identity, a subject to which he returns in subsequent works, such as La Lézarde (1958) and Malemort (1975).

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