This seminar seeks to address the poetic-political dimension of deconstruction.
Firstly, by analysing the creative potential of deconstructive strategies on the basis of viewing
and discussing Safaa Fathy's film with Derrida (D'ailleurs, Derrida) and, secondly, by thinking about the political dimension of deconstructive practice, above and beyond its habitual use in literary theory and philosophy. The starting point consists of considering deconstruction as one of the political practices of our time, rather than as a simple technology for the analysis of texts and images.

With: Chantal Mouffe, Tom Cohen, Maurizio Ferraris and Safaa Fathy

This programme forms part of the PEI's open

Recomended bibliography:

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Saturday, 21 February from 11 am to 8 pm
pei [at] macba [dot] cat