As part of the collaboration established with the Conservatori Superior de Dansa of the Institut del Teatre, MACBA presents a new experimental choreographic project.

A Personal Trip investigates the theme of the gaze. How does the gaze change according to the moment and people? What factors come into play and to what extent do they influence our opinion? Itinerary? Memory? Point of view? Is it the gaze that defines the space of the representation or the use of the space that determines who is the observer? Where are the limits of the performance and to what extent can we ‘play’ with them, inviting the public to experience the piece in their own way?

Concept and choreography: Karolina Rychlik
Interpreters and creative process: Almudena Prado, Karolina Rychlik, Lipi Hernández and Eulàlia Bergadà.

Conservatori Superior de Dansa de l'Institut del Teatre


Saturday 6 July 2013 at 7 pm

MACBA Atrium. Limited places.

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