Wednesday, 22 March, 2023

Born in Khoy, a city in northwest Iran, Katy Evoghli spent much of her childhood in Shiraz. The path she has followed through various latitudes of ancient Persia allowed her to access all the cultural diversity of a multi-ethnic land. In 1979, her family moved to Spain. Evoghli completed her musical education at Spanish conservatories, so the rich Persian musical tradition she received in Iran was enriched by classical European training.

Katy Evoghli’s sweet and masterly voice, with qualities of a typical Iranian timbre, combined with the melancholy, mysticism and intimate joy that pervade Persian music and lyrics, transport listeners to deep beauty of a fascinating and unknown culture.

The programme Let’s talk about... generates discussions on the Museum’s exhibitions between the different agents and artists in the city and our regular public. It is a meeting point that regards exhibitions as powerful devices capable of activating the imagination and generators of discourses that often go beyond the preconceived readings of the institution or the curatorial team. On this occasion, Tere Recarens will be curating the activity around her own work Baharestan carpet (Spring carpet), which is currently included in the exhibition MACBA Collection. Prelude. Poetic intention.

Foto de la artista Katy Evoghli

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